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Deadline Guarantee

We pride ourselves in going the extra "mile" to have your job done when you need it.
We deliver when we say we will deliver. Or earlier of course, if that is not inconvenient.

We recognise, that occasionally deadlines are not realistic as a result of issues outside of your or our control. That’s when we sit around the table with you and try to come to an acceptable solution to the problem. Sometimes that may be part delivery of a job to see you through, sometimes a different production method. And then we go with you through the consequences of the various options, so you will not be surprised by unexpected cost.

This way we work with you as part of the team. That’s better than just being a client and a supplier. Suppliers come a dime a dozen. Team members on the other hand....

At all times we treat your cost as if they are ours. We will always try and find the most cost-effective solution, while maintaining the best possible quality.

If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will.

So we'll see you later then...

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21 b Tarndale Grove
North Habour

PO Box 303 007
North Harbour

North Shore
Auckland 0751