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Charities we support

Our Quarterly Charity Drive

We believe that as a community, we need to look out for one another. This is why this year we will be introducing a quarterly charity drive where we select a charity to throw our support behind every 3 months.

CMD Print Solutions has been operating for over two decades. We understand the importance that the support of our local community has been in the growth and success of our business. Now that we are in a position to give back, we feel it is our duty to do so. Check out our supported charities below, these will be updated as we introduce more charities over


Our first charity that we will be supporting is the SPCA. As NZ’s largest animal charity, the SPCA works tirelessly to ensure the welfare of all animals. Every year the SPCA receives over 45,000 animals through their doors.

With resources often spread thin locally, the SPCA is in constant need of what many would consider to be basis household items. We want to get the message out there and mobilise both our clients and the general public to donate any of items they may have from the list below. CMD Print Solutions is happy to arrange pick up of any goods you may have and will deliver these to the SPCA. If you would like to contribute an item from the below list, please contact us here.

Below is an extensive list of things that would be amazing to have for our animals (in order of priority) but please by no means, we are not expecting to receive all of this!! I just thought I would send it out:
  • Blender
  • Cooling mats for animals
  • Ice trays to make ice cubes
  • Ice bricks/hard slicker pads that go in chilly bins (not the gel ones)
  • CDs with realistic sounds to acclimatise the animals to the real world (https://www.amazon.com/Calm-Pet-Desensitizing-Sounds-Animals/dp/B002JVX1UO) for example
  • Old cotton sheets for rags
  • Old phonebooks – our rabbits use these!
  • Towels
  • Kongs for dogs – different sizes
  • Fleece blankets (ones from Kmart are good)
  • Cat beds
  • Big durable rubber balls for dogs
  • Scratch posts
  • Large waterbowls
  • Large cat toys for rabbits
  • Large/fun snufflemats (slows dogs eating down, makes it more fun for them, enrichment)

North Shore Hospice

We help North Shore Hospice not only with donations but we also help out with various events throughout the year to help them raise money with sausage sizzles, garden tours, the coastal challenge, little concerts and the trees of remembrance that are displayed at various supermarkets and malls on the North Shore around Christmas time.

Please visit their website to get more information about what this great charity does for people in the community that suffer from life-limiting condition - http://www.hospicenorthshore.org.nz/

The Special Children's Christmas Party

The Special Children's Christmas Party is a great event organized for children who are otherwise not lucky enough to have a great Christmas Party. During this event children will get a present and there is lots of entertainment so they can be distracted from the unique challenges they usually face. The highlight of the day is when the children enter Santa’s Toy Cave where they are given 2-3 high quality toys to call their own.
The Goal is simple: To put smiles on these children's faces for atleast one day this year

Please visit their Facebook page to see what this great charity does for children - https://www.facebook.com/SCCPNZ or visit their website: http://www.sccpnz.co.nz


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