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CMD Print Solutions and The Environment

At CMD Print Solutions we care about the environment

Our paper waste is collected weekly by a paper recycling company and we split our other waste where possible. Some of our machines use toner which is based on biomass and the toner bottles are collected and re-filled by our suppliers.

The biomass toner requires less petroleum than conventional toner, and contributes to the prevention of petroleum depletion. Being carbon-neutral, the biomass toner works to reduce the net amount of CO2 emitted from the combustion of used toner.

Most of our paper comes from sustainable forests. Technology also helps us to reduce waste as modern equipment runs less hot and uses toner that have a lower melting point. We work with cloud based back up systems, which means less hardware at the office that needs regular updates etc.

When and where possible we invest in new ways of reducing waste and recycling our products such as packaging etc.

We even go as far as limiting our use of take away coffee cups and bring our own take away containers when we buy sushi. These are small steps and we keep looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact wherever we can.


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